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Woodnote FARMs

Woodnote Farms is nestled within Southern Humboldt, the heart of the Emerald Triangle. Their unique location provides special terroir and a microclimate that is ideal for growing quality cannabis.  Owned and Operated by Graeme Scott, Emily Call, and Abi Prince. Woodnote farms came about because it reflects the sounds of the forest which are so ever prevalent within their region.  Woodnote Farms also practices regenerative agriculture principles and a hands-on approach to cultivating their cannabis to ensure the best sun grown cannabis. Coupled with their unique microclimate, Woodnote Farms have grown unique cannabis which have been hand selected through decades of breeding

Perfect Growing Location!

Woodnote Farms is located in Ettersburg in the heart of the famed Emerald Triangle. This unique growing region is nestled right between the King Range Conservation Area and the Sinkyone Wilderness Area which protects the farm from the NW winds of the Pacific. Woodnote Farms is also located within the Mattole watershed which is fed from winter snow melt. This region is known for its warm days and cool nights during the long growing season. Humboldt’s long dry summers help build Woodnote’s unique terpene profiles as the dryness helps increase the levels of terpenes found within the cannabis. This unique microclimate allows for Woodnote Farms to display its own, unique terroir that helps produce exceptional terpene profiles and phenotypes.

Location Benefits

A microclimate farm in the middle of the Emerald Triangle.

Nestled in between the Kings Range Conservation Area and the Sinkyone Wilderness Area. Woodnote Farms is protected from the winds that come from the Pacific Northwest which allow for their strain’s to flourish as their regions' terroir prevents mold growth. Also, their specific location is just a couple hundred feet above the fog line preventing any frost and damage to their plant.

Soil Practices!

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Fun Fact!

Cannabis grows specifically well on Woodnote’s farm because of its location and elevation which promotes optimal plant health. Indicas and hybrids do well here specifically because of their hardiness and resistance to cold.

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Dream Queen

Dream Queen is a sativa dominant strain that crosses genetics from Green Crack, Skunk #1, Mazar Star. Which creates a unique profile that induces a light energetic high, perfect for those on the go. This strain is sweet and pungent that contains a strong smell of skunk. Dream Queen produces bright green nugs with hints of purple and a thick coat of trichomes.




Apricot Kush

 Apricot Kush is a hybrid strain that crosses Green Crack, Apricot Papaya, and Woodnote Kush. This strain contains taste profiles that are flavorful and juicy which will stimulate the senses with its fruity nose and hints of apricot. Apricot Kush produces bright green nugs with a thick coat of trichomes. A perfect strain for getting into a day of hiking and enjoying the outdoors.




Vanilla Frosting

Vanilla Frosting is an indica dominant strain that crosses Humboldt Frost, Humboldt Gelato, and Humboldt OG. Bred to have selected favorable phenotypes upon various Gelato lineages from the past few years, Vanilla Frosting produces bright green nugs with hints of purple. With its sweet taste of sugar and a strong aroma of creamy vanilla, with hints of fuel. This is a Woodnotes Farm classic strain that creates a lofty and potent giggly high.




Valley Girl OG

Valley Girl OG is an indica strain that crosses SFV OG and Face Off OG. This is a powerful strain that won’t leave you hanging when it comes to strength. Producing a dizzying euphoria that instantly hits the head. Valley Girl OG produces solid lime green nugs that provide a nose that gives off an earthy smell with hints of diesel and hints of flower. This strain is hard hitting and will leave you stuck in the couch for hours.




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Located: Santa Ana, CA, 92704


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