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Indica Hybrid Dominant

Vanilla Frosting

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STRAIN LINEAGE: Humboldt Frost x Humboldt Gelato x Humboldt OG




Vanilla Frosting is an indica dominant strain that crosses Humboldt Frost, Humboldt Gelato, and Humboldt OG. Bred to have selected favorable phenotypes upon various Gelato lineages from the past few years, Vanilla Frosting produces bright green nugs with hints of purple. With its sweet taste of sugar and a strong aroma of creamy vanilla, with hints of fuel. This is a Woodnotes Farm classic strain that creates a lofty and potent giggly high. 

NOSE DESCRIPTION: Creamy Vanilla Nose



Hybrid Indica Dominant

An indica-dominant strain of marijuana made from a cross hybrid of indica and sativa strains of cannabis, but it leans more toward the indica side in terms of its growth pattern and the effects it has on the end user. A pure indica strain would have no sativa characteristics whatsoever.

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