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Sativa Hybrid Dominant

Dream Queen

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STRAIN LINEAGE: Green Crack x Skunk #1 x Mazar Star




Dream Queen is a sativa dominant strain that crosses genetics from Green Crack, Skunk #1, Mazar Star. Which creates a unique profile that induces a light energetic high, perfect for those on the go. This strain is sweet and pungent that contains a strong smell of skunk. Dream Queen produces bright green nugs with hints of purple and a thick coat of trichomes.

NOSE DESCRIPTION: Sweet skunky nose



Hybrid Sativa Dominant

A sativa-dominant strain of marijuana is made from a cross hybrid of sativa and indica strains of cannabis, but it leans more of the sativa side in terms of its growth pattern and the effects it has on the end user. A pure sativa strain would have no indica characteristics whatsoever, coming from two parent plants that were both pure sativas

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