We are connected by a Simple Mission

Here at Simple Farms, we strive to provide the highest quality craft cannabis you can trust. Simple's promise to you, is to offer the highest quality craft cannabis from farmers that grow with Regenerative Organic farming practices. Simply enjoy in our patent pending all in one Simple Kit that comes with a reusable grinder, paper, tips, and more.


Enjoy Life!

We believe in having a healthy mind, body, and soul lifestyle. With Simple Farms you will have the peace of mind that everything we do is done with you and mother earth in mind. 

We provide people with the freshest, most responsibly grown cannabis products available. Why We Do It? For all the conscious people who respect nature, love our planet, and cares what goes into their bodies. It’s a big job, but we are up for it.

Hard work, honesty, & doing what is right will pay off. We value each relationship we build. We understand we have to be serious at times but we don't always have to take ourselves too seriously, because living simple is what we are about. Uncompromising sustainable craft cannabis. 


Emerald Triangle


All of our farms are located in Northern California among the famous Emerald Triangle. An area known for the best cannabis and rarest strains. This particular region in the United States happens to be known as the best area to grow cannabis in the world. The combination of lush fertile soil and cool breezes make ideal growing conditions for cannabis. In addition, it enjoys an ideal climatology for growing cannabis, with great solar exposure, perfect amount of wind, excellent and fertile soil, and optimal temperatures.

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Located: Santa Ana, CA, 92704


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