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In the spirit of Regenerative Organic Agriculture, below are a list of standards that we believe should be practiced in order to move our industry and world towards a brighter future. These standards are made in cooperation with Global Standards, Industry Leaders, and a Board of Farmers.

These standards will be monitored and administered by a collective group of individuals that will verify farmers that operate under these standards.


Only verified operators will be allowed to place their product into the Simple Ecosystem. Allowing consumers the opportunity to vote with their dollar and support practices that are in alignment with their values.


Adjustments will continue to be made in order to account for the specific regulations and factors that are unique to the cannabis industry as a whole.

Black Soil
Soil Health

• Builds Soil Organic Matter

• Conservation Tillage

• Cover Crops

• No GMOs or Gene Editing

• No Soilless Systems

• No Synthetic Inputs

• Promotes Biodiversity

Animal Welfare

• Five Freedoms
    -  Discomfort
    -  Fear & Distress
    -  Hunger
    -  Pain, Injury or Disease
    -  Express Normal Behavior​

• Grass-Fed / Pasture-Raised
• Limited Transport
• No CAFOs
• Suitable Shelter

Social Fairness

• Capacity Building
• Democratic Organizations
• Fair Payments for Farmers
• Freedom of Association
• Good Working Conditions
• Living Wages
• Long Term Commitments
• No Forced Labor
• Transparency and Accountability



The Board strives to be composed of leading individuals that represent a diverse set of backgrounds aimed at pushing Regenerative Organic Agriculture within the Cannabis Industry.

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