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Eagle bear FARM

Joseph Seidell and his wife Aihibed Seidell
Love to farm cannabis! Along with the labor of love  growing premium organic craft cannabis. They are parents to three beautiful children.  Their aspiration to produce the highest quality product keeps them  as busy as honeybees in spring! The demands are great but so are the rewards, as they grow their business with recently adding a third farm Naming it (Eagle Bear Farm) they feel they reached their  perfect balance of Product Appalachian diversity their farms are based in the Northern California Mendocino coast (Ahimsa Harmony )their Farm based on the coast(Colibri Spirit ) farm in the wine producing  Anderson Valley To the inland Appalachia  of eel river Potter Valley Where the currently reside at (Eagle bear farms) The farming practices are based on organic methods using compost teas  natural insects and sprays to keep their cannabis 100% organic and clean They incorporate a variety of organic fertilizers as they start to incorporate animal husbandry and regenerative farming practices. And working to be carbon neutral Already having a small solar and Hydro power system installed Planning to increase  capacity to 100% renewable energy on the farms. They Believe in Imbuing love into what they do with attention to detail in the  drying and curing and overall quality control. This family farm has a  true Appreciation for  for what the plant brings to them and how they can share it. The planed product lines coming from these great farmers will Inspire generations to come, and impress the finest connoisseur’s.


FALL 1970

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Fun Fact!

Booney Acres make their own sustainable organic fertilizer from ingredients they grow themselves or source locally. Drawing from Korean Natural Farming(KNF) practices, Booney Acres ferments its nutrients, forgoing any need for big box nutrients.

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Sour Afghan

Frittlez is a hybrid indica dominant strain that crosses Grape Ape and Grapefruit. Though the bud structure is similar to a sativa or hybrid, Frittlez comes in dense nugs that provide a nose of flowery, piney, and hints of lemon to its scent. Frittlez is a unique strain that provides a very nice smoke for an indica.




Velvet Purps

Strawberry Jelly is a hybrid strain that derives from a Mimosa Phenotype. Primary notes are herbal, pine, & citrus. Bud structures come with a thick coat of trichomes with dense nugs, and the nose of these buds have a strong aroma of fruit and citrus.




Berry Thunder

Gelonade is a sativa dominant hybrid that crosses Lemon Tree and Gelato #41. It produces solid lime green nugs and contains a thick coat of trichomes. The nose of this strain gives off a pungent smell with a hint of lemon. This strain produces tingly and uplifting effects that will help kickstart your day.




Lemon Head OG

Kombucha is a hybrid strain that is exclusively bred by Booney Acres. Its heritage creates dark green nugs with many orange pistils. Along with a nose that provides a strong aroma of diesel with hints of fruit. Kombucha provides a smooth smoke with taste profiles that hint of pine.




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Located: Santa Ana, CA, 92704


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